Pierre Bernard

My little hideout on the net

Welcome to my corner of the 'net!

So you found my little hideout on the net. Now what?
You are welcome to browse around. May I suggest you stop by my CV / résumé page.

About this site

To tell you the truth, this is what this whole site is about: me, myself and the stuff I am interested in. At least some of it. Actually, only very little of it. You know I’d rather go skiing than write about it.

Should you share my interests, have a look around. Should you have come here merely to read my résumé. Well, then do so. I won't tell on you.

Who is Pierre Bernard?

I was born in Luxembourg, Europe. I earned degree as computer science engineer at the renowed French ENSIMAG school. Currently I run my own company, producing and maketing quality software for the Macintosh and the iPhone.

Other web places to visit

Houdah Software The company I founded and currently work for. We make quality Mac OS X software.
HoudahSpot 2: Find files. Fast! Advanced Spotlight Frontend: Master your files!
HoudahGeo: See your Photos in Google Earth Geocode your photos. No expensive GPS camera needed. GPS track logger recommended.
Houdah WebObjects frameworks Open source project providing a D2W replacement for developing powerful CRUD applications. And more...